Virtual Painting: What Davinci Resolve Software Can Do For Your Pictures And Films

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Virtual Painting: What Davinci Resolve Software Can Do For Your Pictures And Films

Virtual Painting: What Davinci Resolve Software Can Do For Your Pictures And Films

31 August 2016
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DaVinci Resolve is a new software program that goes beyond Photoshop to bring you professional, Hollywood-grade results on your photos and films. Graphic artists and amateur filmmakers alike can use the software because it has innumerable applications. Here are some of the ways in which it can really make a difference with your photos and films.

Import Clips from Several Locations and String Them Together

As a filmmaker, you probably use several different cameras or means of shooting film. That means you also have several clips or sections of your final film and you need them to fit and flow flawlessly together. This software allows you to import every piece of your movie and every clip from several different sources and place them in a "timeline," a clipboard for movies that helps you put the pieces into the order in which you want them to go. While the clips are in the timeline, you can edit them, switch them around, cut them completely, or cut a clip down to one scene or a few seconds that you want to leave in. You can also undo any edits you make, and save the work at every step in case you want to back up and reinsert part of a clip.

Color-Enhance Shots

Light saturation outside often washes out the colors you want viewers to see in your photo stills and films. This software allows you click on an image or section of footage and enhance the color in three ways:

  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Luma

Hue is just the set of colors that register within the shot or clip. Saturation is how bright or dimmed those colors are, which is a tool you will probably use often if you cannot get the colors to pop out of the viewing screen. Luma helps you diminish outside light in the shots so that it does not wash out everything in view. Luma will also allow you to brighten your indoor shots, or your outdoor shots on dark and/or cloudy days. You have probably seen the TV commercial that was shot in a rainstorm, and everything is grayed out except for the vibrant colors of the umbrellas--this is a good example all three of these DaVinci Resolve features.

Create Moving Shots from Stills (and Vice Versa)

DaVinci himself would be highly impressed by the technology and software features that can take still images and turn them into moving frames. You can do this too, usually adding just a few seconds of predictable movement to the front and back of the still photo. This helps integrate a still into a film as though it was a movie clip from the start. You can also turn a nano-second of a clip into a still, which sometimes makes a very nice gift for those that were in your pictures and film.

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