Give A Gift Of Old: Tips For Creating A Vintage Family Photo Album

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Give A Gift Of Old: Tips For Creating A Vintage Family Photo Album

Give A Gift Of Old: Tips For Creating A Vintage Family Photo Album

3 October 2016
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Turning some of your newer photos into ones that look like they are old can be a great way to enhance a special collection like those taken at your wedding or at a family reunion. Old time photo albums can be a great gift for a close friend or family member, especially if that person is in any of the photos you use in your vintage album. Follow these tips for creating a vintage photo album.

Taking Advantage Of Online Tools

You do not have to purchase expensive photo editing software for creating photos that look truly old. Some online tools are available to you for free that will help you turn your photos into images that appear years and years old. Online photo-aging tools are easy to use and allow you the benefit of printing out your vintage photos at home. You will need to upload your photos into your computer so you can upload them into a photo-aging online tool. With a mobile device, simply using a USB cord will allow you to upload them. Many people send their mobile images to their email address for downloading onto their computer's hard drive. If you have photos already developed on paper, you will need a printer that can scan your old photos so you can turn them into image files on your computer. Once your images are in a folder on your computer, you can easily upload them into an online photo aging tool. Once they are aged, you can download the final results back onto your computer for printing out.

More Than Just Your Vintage Photos

If you place your vintage photos into a modern-looking album, you lose the effect you are trying to achieve with the old photos. Choosing an album you can easily turn into one that appears years and years old is best. Photo albums with cloth covering can be made to look old and 'dirty' by simply rubbing on brown marker ink. Draw on your hands with the brown marker and while the ink is still damp, rub your hands all over the fabric covering the album. Doing so will give you a nice fabric patina, allowing your album to look like it was just dragged out of an old attic storage chest.

Giving a gift of vintage photos is a great way to surprise any recipient. Creating vintage photos is easy and does not cost a lot of money, making it an affordable gift idea as well. Consider also visiting an old time photo studio if you would like portraits made for adding to your recipient's vintage photo collection. At a studio, you and your family can wear costumes that resemble clothing worn many years ago in your portrait, giving your collection a true feeling of going back in time.

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