3 Mistakes You Should Not Make At Your First Guitar Lesson

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3 Mistakes You Should Not Make At Your First Guitar Lesson

3 Mistakes You Should Not Make At Your First Guitar Lesson

27 January 2017
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Guitar lessons through a place like Lopez Studios Inc are designed to be conducive to helping students learn this beautiful and complex musical instrument. Playing the guitar is a privilege that many people dream about for years yet don't try. Guitar students should be commended for taking this big step in the pursuit of their musical aspirations. When you are getting ready for your first lesson, you may wonder what to expect. You can ask your guitar teacher any questions you have. Also, be sure that you don't make these common mistakes in your first lesson.

Stop! Don't Expect to Play Your Favorite Song on the First Day

Nobody ever mastered playing the guitar in one day. If you think of the most well-respected guitar players in popular music like Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen, they became great over time. They didn't just pick up a guitar one day and know they have a gift.

While you can and should identify the songs you most want to play and the style of music you'd like to pursue, don't set your expectations too high for your very first lesson. Remember that every lesson you take brings you closer to being the kind of player you want to be.

Stop! Don't Chew Gum or Otherwise Make Noise

Guitar lessons are largely about sound and the joy of hearing the music. If someone is chewing gum, snacking, cracking their wrists, or otherwise making a lot of noise, it can make it hard for the other students and the guitar teacher to concentrate on teaching music.

If you are tempted to do one of these distracting action, try to make an alternate plan. For example, if you feel like you need to do something like chew gum to deal with nerves, try to find something else that can ease your jitters prior to your first class.

Stop! Don't Critique Other Students

If you have studied the guitar through books or attempts at being self-taught, you may feel like you have greater expertise than some of the other students who take guitar lessons. Also, if other students are younger or less experienced, you may feel as though you are doing them a favor by offering advice on how they can improve.

Resist that temptation. It is up to the guitar teacher to dole out advice. If you try it, you may end up frustrating and alienating other students. It can also take away from your concentration on your own improvement.

Keep in mind that guitar lessons are ultimately for your benefit and enjoyment. Don't worry too much if you do happen to commit one of these faux pas. For your own sake, it's best to avoid them so that you can focus on the music and the joy of playing the guitar. 

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