Do you consider the arts to be an important part of your child's growth? Find out how getting involved in the arts will benefit them.


3 Supportive Gift Ideas For Your Teen Who Wants To Be Famous

9 February 2017
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So your teen has a talent that the world should see and you'd like to support their dream of becoming famous someday. Here are a few supportive gift ideas appropriate for any special occasion that your teen is sure to appreciate: Vocal Coaching Vouchers Whether your teen is interested in singing, acting, or any other aspect of working in the entertainment industry, working with a vocal coach is an excellent way to get conditioned for the experiences and adventures that lay ahead.
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3 Mistakes You Should Not Make At Your First Guitar Lesson

27 January 2017
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Guitar lessons through a place like Lopez Studios Inc are designed to be conducive to helping students learn this beautiful and complex musical instrument. Playing the guitar is a privilege that many people dream about for years yet don't try. Guitar students should be commended for taking this big step in the pursuit of their musical aspirations. When you are getting ready for your first lesson, you may wonder what to expect.
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100 Reasons to Get Your Kid Into the Arts

My name is Emily, and I am here to tell you that there are more than 100 reasons for you to make sure your kids are exposed to the arts. There are probably thousands! I'm going to discuss plenty of them on this blog. Visual arts, performing arts, musical arts and other forms of artistic expression are so very important to us as human beings and are particularly beneficial to kids whose minds and bodies are still developing. I hope that everyone with children will open their hearts to getting their kids into the arts as their lives will be enriched.